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Wine Emotion

The elegant and generous Wine Emotions collection is ideal for a shared tasting experience. It features 47 cl and 35 cl stemmed glasses in two different designs. Opt for a glass with an oblong goblet to amplify the aromas of the most tannic wines, or choose a more angular glass to reveal the smoothness of mineral wines. There is also a flute for sparkling wines. Made of crystal, its composition confers a clear sound for an incomparable experience. For ease of use, Wine Emotions is dishwasher-safe.

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Elegance and resistance

Make every occasion special

The brand carries its origins

Since 1968

Le cristal, une matière noble, brillante, pétillante, démocratisée pour tous, à un prix accessible. Arques, la ville des Hauts de France où elle a toujours été fabriquée en exclusivité.

Paris, la capitale du pays dont la marque revendique ses origines et son inspiration : l’art de vivre à la française, l’élégance, le style tricolore.

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