Everyday Chic

Since 1968

Cristal d’Arques Paris first graced the world stage in 1968, and for almost fifty years now has given an exquisite sense of French elegance and ‘le chic’ to the everyday. Each of our diverse collections perfectly balance subtlety and sophistication with the strength and performance of high quality Cristal d’Arques crystalline. Deceivingly durable and innovative, each piece brings classic design and the luxury of another era into the modern home.

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Creative spirit

The new collections are inspired by Art déco, with its bold geometric shapes, and its extravagant taste for rounded corners, angled lines and facets. The designs reflect codes in architecture, jewellery and Haute couture.

Featuring stylized shapes, precious colours, symmetrical motifs and perfect proportions, these crystal glass collections mark a new chapter in the history of table arts and decoration.

An iconic collection? One can never be sure!

With a slight accent that enriches his words, René Barba has kept a charming South American flair from his childhood in Cuba and a decade in Miami. His fascination with the sea and how it reflects light is closely linked to his passion for glass and its brilliance. Based in France since the early nineties, René Barba developed a passion for glass and started designing prototypes. The crystal glass Art déco collection came naturally to him, as he is overflowing with this artistic style: clean, geometric lines, the art of angled corners, circles and octagons.

« Crystal glass is perfect for facets, angles, curves and defining proportions. There should be balance between the brilliance of the facets and the more subdued nature of the smooth areas. »

It took a year and a half to design all of the exceptionally lustrous collections, which might one day become iconic:

« When I am designing, I imagine a product that’s not too in-style, one that’s inspired by the past and the future . It’s impossible to design a classic. An object may become a classic, but one can never be sure. »

René Barba Arc designer and creator of new collections for Cristal d’Arques Paris
Inspired crystal glass

Exceptional performance

The Research and Development division has developed a new, exceptionally high-performance crystal glass to meet the needs of Cristal d’Arques Paris customers. The new material is:

  • Contemporary

    Perfectly adapted to everyday use.

  • Stylish

    Appeals to customers who want sophistication and a satisfying sensory experience.

  • Lead-free

    Made to have a reduced impact on the environment.

  • Made in France

    The material is the distillation of all of our expertise. It marries unrivalled transparency and brilliance with superior strength and a pleasantly crystal glass sound.

Reinvented beauty
for everyday

Long-lasting brilliance

Scientifically developed to balance elegance with practicality, our lead-free crystalline is designed to sparkle with the brilliance of brand new crystal – even
after 300 dishwasher cycles. This innovation delivers an enduring dazzle from each facet and ensures your Cristal d’Arques collection can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Complete transparency

What is our expertise based on? A unique formula, combined with production techniques that use the very best raw materials. Exceptional transparency, with an index of 98.8 superior to market standards.
Cristal d’Arques Paris reflects your style beautifully.

Perfect acoustics

It hits all the right notes… The composition of our crystal glass gives it a clear, pure sound, every bit as satisfying as that of crystal. An outstanding sensory experience.
Raise your glasses and listen… wonderful!

Superior strength

Perfectly proportioned, the delicate rim and elegant styling of the Cristal d’Arques range shows no hint that this ingenious material is designed to be durable and shock resistant, without any compromise to design.

A French history

Top-level expertise

In 1968, Verrerie Cristallerie d’Arques revolutionised the world of tableware by introducing a fundamental industrial innovation: the automated production of crystal. This technical prowess has finally made luxury crystal glasses, decanters and accessories more widely affordable. This development gave rise to the brand Cristal d’Arques, which, ever since its creation, has been designing elegant objects, which embody the “French touch”. Our in-house designers are constantly turning to new sources of inspiration and have an excellent grasp of the materials used specifically for Cristal d’Arques Paris.

A long-term commitment

Arc invests heavily in its Research and Development department. Our experts anticipate developments in consumption trends and think up innovative new materials and procedures that are more environmentally-friendly and in line with customer needs.
Built on this expertise and daily attention to detail, the new crystalline, which is used to manufacture all our Cristal d’Arques Paris products, is lead-free and resistant to shocks and dishwashers, guaranteeing luxury products suitable for everyday use.

Cristal d’Arques Paris will therefore continue to stand the test of time and changing trends without ever losing sight of its values or traditions, driven by its desire to embody modernity and to permanently push back the limits of its creativity.