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Brighten up your beach parties with the Rendez Vous collection

As the warm summer evenings approach, there’s nothing quite like a beach party with friends. And to make these memorable moments even more special, what better way than to take the elegant, hard-wearing Rendez-vous collection from Cristal d’Arques Paris with you?

It’s the perfect accompaniment to your seaside escapades.

Resistant and elegant: Rendez-vous, a dazzling collection
Imagine sipping your favourite cocktail at sunset, surrounded by your loved ones, without worrying about the slightest accident. Made from crystal, the Rendez Vous collection is resistant to knocks and chips, so you can enjoy every moment without fear.

A beach party is not just a time to relax, but also an opportunity to revel in the beauty of nature. The Rendez-vous collection adds a touch of elegance to your experience. With its clean lines and sophisticated design, each piece in this collection transforms your evening into a visual feast, enhanced by the shimmering hues of the sunset.

Capture the moment at sunset

Precious memories deserve to be immortalised. Create unforgettable memories by capturing the golden glow of the setting sun through sparkling glass. Each photo of your Rendez-vous glass lit up by the warm colours of dusk will be a true work of art, a testimony to moments of shared happiness.

collection rendez vous au bord de la piscine
collection rendez vous au bord de la piscine

Bringing your Rendez-vous glassware to your beach party will embellish your evenings with friends.

With the Rendez-vous collection, you can combine durability, elegance and unforgettable memories for memorable beach parties. Don’t wait any longer, prepare your cocktails, get out your sparkling glasses and plunge into the magical glow of twilight with Cristal d’Arques Paris.

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