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Cristal d’Arques, the iconic Made In France brand for over 50 years…

(Re)Discover the history of the brand inspired by the French art of living.

Since its creation in 1968, Cristal d’Arques Paris has been synonymous with French know-how, innovation and elegance. A pioneer in the production of automatic crystal glass, the brand has transformed luxury by making crystal accessible to all. Using advanced manufacturing techniques, Cristal d’Arques has created desirable collections that combine tradition and modernity to celebrate the French art of living.

The Cristal d’Arques archives

The Cristal d’Arques archives are a treasure trove reflecting several decades of design and innovation. The brand’s old advertising posters perfectly illustrate the values of class and beauty that have always guided Cristal d’Arques. Each of these posters tells a story, the story of a brand that has evolved with the times while remaining true to its roots.
These visuals, often marked by bold styles and refined settings, bear witness to the brand’s ability to capture the essence of each era while maintaining a timeless aesthetic.


The Rendez Vous collection still with us…

Among Cristal d’Arques’ many collections, Rendez-Vous occupies a special place. Inspired by the tartan pattern, this collection embodies boldness and modernity, while drawing on the brand’s classic roots. Made from Krysta, a noble material, the Rendez-Vous collection is distinguished by the depth of its sizes and the multiplicity of its facets, offering a sublime sparkle to each piece.

Rendez-Vous offers a complete range of glasses for every occasion: stemmed glasses for white and red wine, flutes for sparkling wines, and tall and low glasses for cocktails, whiskies or simply water. Each model is designed to enhance the moments shared with friends and family around an elegant and refined table.

A lasting legacy

Whether it’s for a summer evening under the stars or a family dinner, Cristal d’Arques and its Rendez-Vous collection remains the ideal choice for celebrating every moment with refinement.
Receive, celebrate, give, and set beautiful tables with Cristal d’Arques, and make every gathering an unforgettable moment.

Discover the collection on the Table d’Arc.