By Nathan
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Savour the art of wine tasting: precious tips for wine appreciation

Cristal d’Arques Paris, the symbol of elegance and the art of living, invites you on a sensory journey through the delights of wine tasting. In this article, discover our expert advice on how to enhance this experience with our exceptional glassware. Get ready to savour every note, every aroma and every moment.

1. The perfect glassware for every wine

The first step to a successful tasting begins with the choice of glass. Cristal d’Arques Paris offers a wide range of stemmed glasses, specially designed for each type of wine. The “Wine Emotions” red wine glasses are ideal for sharing a tasting experience, you can choose a glass with an oblong goblet to amplify the aromas of the most tannic wines or a more angular glass to reveal the softness of mineral wines. While the ‘Ultime‘ glass is specially designed to release the aromas of young wines. Choose the glassware that matches the character of your wine.

2. The Art of Opening

Before plunging into tasting, give your wine the time it needs to air out. Open the bottle well in advance and pour the wine into the glass. The Cristal d’Arques Paris collections, such as “Lady Diamond” and “Macassar,” offer elegant lines to enhance every tasting gesture.

3. Observe the Wine’s Colour

Hold your glass by the stem to avoid warming the wine with the heat of your hands, and observe the wine’s colour in the light. The tall stemmed glasses in the “Intense” collection from Cristal d’Arques Paris offer a delicate grip while highlighting the visual beauty of the wine.

4. Stir, Breathe, Reveal

Take the time to gently stir your wine in the glass. This releases the aromas and intensifies the olfactory experience. The refined shapes of Cristal d’Arques Paris “Swirly” wine glasses allow optimal aeration, revealing the full complexity of the aromas.

5. Appreciate the Bouquet and the Taste

Hold the glass up to your nose to smell the aromas. The Cristal d’Arques Paris collections offer tulip-shaped glasses that concentrate the aromas for an immersive olfactory experience. Finally, savour every sip, letting the wine travel to every corner of your palate.

Wine tasting becomes a refined art with the exceptional glassware from Cristal d’Arques Paris. Each collection is designed to sublimate the nuances and subtleties of your favourite wine. Explore our collections and make each tasting a moment of elegance and sensory pleasure.