By Nathan
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Three ideas for flower-based cocktails, the new trend that will wow your guests

Impress your friends and family at a cocktail party with flower-based cocktails.

Be original and introduce your friends and family to spring in a new way. This trend came straight from the United States, during the Van Gogh exhibition at the Philadelphia Flower Festival. Great Hill, the restaurant, created an entire menu based on flowers, from which was born the “Van Gogh Cocktail”. A cocktail based on crème de violette with edible flowers as decoration.

Since then, flower cocktails have become a trend. It’s a simple way to enhance your evenings with friends. And to complete the experience, what better way than to enjoy them in Cristal D’Arques Longchamps glasses?

Longchamps glasses, renowned for their strength and brilliance, offer the perfect opportunity to present these floral cocktails. This sophisticated crystalline range enhances each cocktail, adding a touch of refinement to your receptions.

Whether you opt for a rose, lavender or jasmine cocktail, Longchamps glasses will enhance the taste and visual experience of your floral creations by highlighting the nuances and colours of the flowers.

To inspire you, here are three ideas for floral cocktails, perfectly suited to be served in our Longchamps glasses:

Rosée Printanière

In a shaker, mix gin, elderflower syrup, fresh lemon juice and a few drops of rosewater. Shake vigorously with ice, then strain into a Longchamps glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with an edible rose petal for an elegant finishing touch.

Fresh Lavender

In a mixing glass, combine gin, lavender syrup, lime juice and a few mint leaves. Stir, then strain into a Longchamps stemmed glass after adding a few ice cubes. Garnish with a sprig of lavender for a fragrant presentation.

Jasmine Bouquet

In a shaker, mix vodka, apricot nectar, lemon juice and a few drops of orange blossom water. Shake with ice, then pour into a chilled Longchamps glass. Decorate with a jasmine flower for a delicate touch.

Let yourself be carried away by this floral trend and amaze your guests with cocktails that are as delicious as they are sumptuous.

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