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10 decorating ideas to create a table center to put in the dining room

Treat yourself with a dream decoration for your table center ! Our 10 centerpiece ideas will inspire you. Whether it’s a flowery atmosphere, scented candles or a table runner, which inspiration will you choose to embellish your room ?


1. Go for a flowery atmosphere for the table center


An elegant way to enhance your table center is to place a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a suitable vase. The vases in our collection will please you. Solid, transparent and refined, they will hold your bouquets for many years to come.

Whether your table is round, square or rectangular, a simple bouquet can change the atmosphere of your room. Make a colourful statement by choosing flowers in the same shade as your plates.


2. Choose to brighten up your room


There are many ways to enhance your dining room table. To brighten up your entire room, place elegant hanging lights right above the table. You can also opt for chandeliers to add a glamorous touch to your decor.

For a romantic atmosphere, choose to place some candles in the center of your table, in the middle of a wooden tray. For a perfect harmony, choose your candles in the same colour tones as your tablecloth or chairs.


3. Adopt original tableware


If you like luxury and refinement, you can create a centerpiece with a simple carafe of water and a few elegantly curved glasses, set on a distinguished tray. Choose original tableware with character to enhance your decor.

By opting for one of the Cristal d’Arques Paris collections, you will rediscover a taste for luxury in a product that is environmentally friendly. For environmental and public health reasons, we have decided to remove lead from their composition.


4. Install a designer table runner


There are many table runners that will enhance your dining room table. For a unique decoration, you can create it yourself. And why not opt for a family project? For a personalised decoration, get your children involved.

Ask your kids to decorate a white table runner with some fabric markers. The result will be both unique and original!


5. Give yourself a touch of glamour


For a cosy and romantic atmosphere, you can install a heart-shaped centerpiece. There are several models and different materials. A wooden heart is suitable for a Nordic style, while a heart-shaped flower arrangement will brighten up your home.

You can also find heart-shaped confetti, sequins, small wooden pieces, etc. in the shops, which can help you to finalise your table decoration, whether for a special occasion (Mother’s Day, birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc.) or for your everyday decoration.


6. Place some candle holders


If you enjoy romantic dinners, consider placing a few candle holders in the center of your table. The play of light can give your meal a very mysterious feel. It’s up to you to choose the designs of your candle holders.

Glass or metal candle holders, gold, silver, black or white… Choose the colours you like according to your taste. You can also choose a wooden or rattan lantern. These materials can enhance the natural style of your decoration.


7. Choose a small battery-operated lamp


Install a simple designer lamp to create a bright atmosphere for your dining room. You can easily find small battery-operated lamps to place on the center of your table.


8. Place a fruit basket in the table center 


Don’t put your fruit on the corner of a cabinet or on the edge of your console. Place them in a pretty basket for an attractive and practical centerpiece. Glass or wicker basket, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to style!

Take a look at our different collections. You will find several glass salad bowls that can easily be transformed into beautiful fruit baskets. For more advice, you can contact us via the contact form on our website.



9. Enjoy the simplicity of nature 


Although a bouquet of flowers can add a colourful touch to your home, you can go a step further by placing a green plant on your dining room table. This decoration stands alone, but you can change the pot of your plant as you wish.

To keep your new friend alive, choose a green plant that will feel right at home on your table. If you choose a plant that needs sun and your table is constantly in the shade, it will not be able to reveal its full potential. Your gardener can advise you!


10. Find the right decorative accessory for the table center 


A large marble bowl, a driftwood decoration, a designer object… You can choose a decorative object that is out of the ordinary for your dining room decoration. Sometimes you can find the right idea by browsing through markets and second-hand shops.

In order to make your decoration unique and harmonious, match all your interior decoration. Also combine the materials of your decorative objects for more coherence. Depending on what you want, you can opt for a more modern style, a cocooning atmosphere, an industrial decor… It’s up to you!