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Turn your glasses into decoration

Our glasses are used in our daily life but they can also become beautiful decorative objects for big events. We can use them as a centrepiece or decoration for your events. Cristal d’Arques Paris offers you 6 ideas to enhance your glasses during your events.

Glasses will inevitably be used as accessories for your event for their practical function, but you can also use them as decoration.

Depending on your theme and your desire to decorate for the day, you are bound to find something to suit you in our selection.

1. Glasses filled with petals

A simple way to transform glasses into decorative accessories for your event is to fill them with petals or flower buds in the colour of your theme, or even with foliage. Choose local and seasonal varieties, and make up sample bouquets to put in pretty clear glasses with attractive designs. You can choose glasses with a golden rim to make your reception room or simply your tables and your home even more beautiful.

2. Vase glasses

No need for a vase, an original way to present your flowers and bouquets of flowers. Whether large or small, the glasses can be converted into a vase on demand, to hold a single flower or a beautiful bouquet. However, you should plan to cut the stems short. A little water at the bottom of the glass, flowers in the colour of your theme, be it roses, a peony, a hydrangea, choose the flower according to your desire, it doesn’t take much to transform your glasses into vases.

3. Candle glasses

For soft lighting of your tables or dark corners of the reception venue, there is nothing like candles. Select notched, fluted, and generally cut glasses, which are particularly suitable for use as elegant candle holders.

You can also have fun turning stemmed glasses upside down. The base then serves as a support for the cylindrical candle. The balloon can be used as a snow globe, on top of a beautiful flower or on top of Christmas ornaments. The balloon can also be wrapped in gold or silver paper to make the decoration even brighter.

4. Glasses and woven bamboo

Wrap your glasses in bamboo cane to give your reception a very bohemian look. You can place these decorated glasses on the reception tables, or self-service on a buffet, accompanied by a carafe with matching cane.

You can also place the set on a coffee table surrounded by cushions, like a small lemonade or orangeade stand.

5. Glasses and garlands

The glasses will accompany you into the evening, lighting up your celebration with soft, romantic lights. Slide thin strings of LED lights into large cylindrical glasses or stemmed glasses, so that the strings can cascade up and down the glass. For use on window sills or as a centrepiece.

6. Glass to match your theme

Kill two birds with one stone by making personalised glasses, which can be used as a decorative element for your tables and buffets and as gifts for your guests, who will leave with a unique souvenir of your wedding celebration.

The idea is to arm yourself with permanent markers and/or stencils, with which you can create illustrations on your glasses, write a thank you note, the date of your wedding or the names of your guests.

From this basic idea, adapt the aesthetics of the glasses according to the theme of your event, and don’t hesitate to ask a professional illustrator for an even more refined result.

Among our glasses, you will find what you need to decorate your tables. All you have to do is find the theme for your event!undefined

Glasses, plates, cutlery, all the elements of your tableware can potentially become decorative objects! Let your imagination run wild and create a decoration without equal.