By Nathan
In Duration ~ 2 min

I have a soft spot for…Swirly

Who are you?

My name is Emilie and I’ve been a designer for 20 years.

What I love about my job is finding a strong stylistic identity for an object or product. Arc is
a marvellous company in that its products are marketed all over the world and invest a very large number of people.
a huge number of interiors!

It’s really great to design products that will then be used on a daily basis by a wide variety of people.
people. What a wonderful mission it is to bring people together around a beautiful object, and what’s more, in a moment of conviviality!
what’s more, in a moment of conviviality!

Why did you choose this job?

Naturally cheerful and very creative, I’ve always loved drawing, ever since I was a child.

I love composing harmonious colour schemes, inventing patterns and playing with materials like glass and crystal.
like glass and crystal.

It’s a job that’s constantly changing, as the seasons, trends and fashions change, year after year,
I’m curious and open-minded, so I’m particularly keen to find something that’s unique, original and innovative.
I’m curious and open-minded, so I’m particularly keen to find something unique and innovative, that little bit extra that will make your product iconic!

What inspires you about Cristal D’Arques?

That’s exactly what I love about CDA, that little French ‘je ne sais quoi’, that twist that makes all the difference!
that makes all the difference! These glasses are easy to wear and at the same time very elegant, chic and refined.

It’s a great brand that inspires a great deal of glassmaking expertise and quality, and that offers trendy and timeless products that are a pleasure to wear.
products that are both trendy and timeless.

A table set with Cristal d’Arques is a guaranteed success… no fashion faux-pas!

What’s your favourite collection?

I love them all! Each one has a different atmosphere.

At the moment, I have a soft spot for the Swirly range, the brand’s latest addition.

The round shape of this glass is generous, enveloping, very soft and delicate. We’re in desperate need of softness and comfort in these difficult times, so the design of these glasses is very contemporary, and at the same time, they look great tucked away in a 70s china cabinet!

Come on, would you like some more champagne?