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Our glass-making know-how!

Since 1968, Cristal d’Arques Paris has provided its know-how on technical innovation to produce the first crystal stemmed glass in automatic manufacturing. Crystal, until then a product of great luxury, became accessible to all.

The brand

Cristal d’Arques Paris is a recognized brand with an assisted awareness of 65% and appreciated by consumers with an opinion score of 7.9/10.

It is a brand that creates desirability thanks to its numerous collections, the most invented of which was Longchamps in 1979, which has sold more than 550 million copies worldwide.

Today, Cristal d’Arques Paris is part of the French art of living and continues to offer designs that combine tradition and modernity for consumers who enjoy celebrating, entertaining and setting beautiful tables.

You can visit our website to see for yourself the know-how we use every day to create beautiful glasses for you!



Its value position

Cristal d’Arques Paris is a handcrafted brand made in France with the label Origine France Garantie.

Classic or modern glass creations of the finest brilliance and transparency, celebrating moments of joy and sharing.

We offer high-end collections at affordable prices, each piece is laser-signed to guarantee its authenticity.


The components of our glasses

The crystalline lens

It is a material with 4 main characteristics:

  • Total transparency
  • Long-lasting brilliance
  • Superior strength
  • Perfect acoustics


Our know-how?


A unique composition, combined with manufacturing processes that use the finest raw materials. Exceptional transparency, with an index of 98.8, above market standards.


Thanks to the composition, even after 300 dishwasher runs, our crystalline keeps the same brightness and purity as on the first day. It is ultra-innovative, since it offers up to 50% more resistance than the market standards.

The composition of our crystalline gives it a pure and clear sound, comparable to that of crystal, for an optimal sensory experience.


Our crystal collections :

  • Intense
  • Ultime
  • Ultime Bord Or
  • Wine Emotions

The Kwarx

  • Perfect transparency
  • Lasting brilliance

Our know-how?

A unique composition, combined with manufacturing processes that use the best raw materials. Perfect transparency, with an index of 98, above market standards. This composition allows a long-lasting shine, even after 300 dishwasher runs, our high quality glass keeps the same purity as the first day.


Our collections in Kwarx :

  • Architect
  • Lady Diamond
  • Longchamps
  • Macassar
  • Rendez-vous

To summarize :

Cristal d’Arques Paris is an elegant brand, inspired by the French art of living. A brand that combines tradition and modernity, imprinted with the Arc glass-making know-how.


A high-end brand that adapts to all occasions