What is your kind of Chic?

The collection designed for you
  • A weekend in Paris: what cannot be left off your programme?

    The exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art
    The inevitable shopping trip to the department stores
    A romantic stroll through a Parisian park
  • It's your partner's birthday: what would be his ideal evening?

    He always has the latest info on the trendiest bars and on where to find the best cocktails.
    Is your partner the kind that needs to be with his friends at all times? In this case, it would be inconceivable to exclude them from your plans.
    Your partner is a romantic. Nothing could make him happier than a dinner for two.
  • In the mood for a cocktail party among girls?

    Is experimenting with colours and breaking codes your thing?
    You're looking for a tasteful take on originality.
    Picture the champagne flowing freely: your decadent party is already in full swing!