By bereniceh
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Create your own table setting for the holiday season!

Do you want to get together to celebrate the holiday season in the right way? You need a table setting that reflects your image. There are very specific rules to follow for your table setting. Your table should be ready before the guests arrive and set the tone for the evening.

You must think of everything when you go shopping for your table setting. We have prepared a small list that will give you ideas on how to set your table.

The table linen

For the tablecloth, to get an elegant and chic table, we chose a black or white tablecloth. For a more familiar and fun atmosphere, we chose a colored tablecloth.

The tablecloth should fall evenly on each side of the table and have no folds. 

Cloth napkins will give the table a servant feel, they match the color of the tablecloth. The napkins will be arranged according to the meal of the day, to the left of the plate for a dinner and on the plate for a lunch.

The dishes

A complete service generally includes three types of plates that will be placed on the table: soup plates for soups, plates for appetizers and main course and smaller plates for cheese and dessert.

Underneath these three plates, you can also place a presentation plate that is wider. It will give an extra decoration to your table.

You can find different dishes that will be perfect for your table at Luminarc with many colors and shapes that will make everything in your table setting.

The cutlery

The arrangement of the cutlery is also important when setting your table. They are represented in the order they will be used, from the outside to the plate. The fork will always be on the left side of the plate, as will the knife, which will be on the right side of the plate. The dessert fork or spoon will be on top between the plate and the glasses and the soup spoon will be on the right of the knife, with the hollow part towards the table.

The glasses

They bring their elegance to the table, always placed in pairs in front of the plates, the water glass and the wine glass. We can go up to four glasses per person by adding the champagne flute and the white wine glass. Cristal d’Arques Paris, offers a wide choice of glassware that will be perfect to embellish your table.


To go to the end of things and make a table to your image, the decoration does a lot. This is why each table has a centerpiece, which is often the key element of your decoration, because it conditions the rest of the decoration and structures the table. We also often add candles to give grace to the table and create a muffled and subdued atmosphere.

You have all the tips to set your holiday table according to the rules. Your table is made in your image, so don’t hesitate to put your own personal touch. All that’s left to do is sit around the table and enjoy with your guests.