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How to create a unique and elegant Valentine’s Day table decoration?

How to create a unique and elegant Valentine’s Day table decoration?

Would you like to create a personalised Valentine’s Day table decoration? Dishes, glasses, floral arrangements, colours, light… We give you all our advice to make sure that romance is everywhere on your table!


1. Define a colour palette for the table

The first thing to do to create a romantic Valentine’s Day table is to define the dominant colours of your decoration. As a general rule, red will predominate, as it is the colour of love. But nothing prevents you from innovating and choosing tones that better suit your personality and that of your lover.


If you like blue, give your table an azure tone. Powder pink and light pastel shades also look great. The aim is to harmonise the different elements of your table:

  • the table runner ;
  • the flowers
  • crockery and cutlery;
  • the table linen.

Our advice: start with one colour tone, and then play with the gradations of this main colour.


2. Play with textures and materials

To create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere, also play with the choice of materials, fabrics and textures for the tablecloth, napkins and table runner. Cotton, linen, taffeta… Don’t hesitate to mix genres (all in harmony) for a result that is as elegant as it is unique. Choose the right fabric for the effect you want to create. Silk is glamorous and sparkling, linen is raw and textured, taffeta is soft and light… So make the right choice!


Our advice: choose cotton for the tablecloth, as it is soft, resistant and comes in many colours. Then, combine rougher elements with others that are extremely soft.


3. Create a subdued and intimate atmosphere

For a lovers’ day, nothing beats a candlelit dinner. The atmosphere should be warm, intimate and romantic. For this, nothing beats candles. Placed in upturned stemmed glasses, or left bare, they should keep the flame of your passion alive throughout the evening.


4. Choose quality glassware for Valentine’s Day table

For a truly successful Valentine’s Day party, you should also choose your glasses carefully. If you have prepared a selection of quality wines, you should be able to drink them from the right glasses. Likewise, nothing beats a flute of champagne to get a romantic dinner off to a good start.


When it comes to choosing glassware, trust Cristal d’Arques Paris. We offer a whole range of glasses that are both stylish and affordable.


Indeed, over time, we have evolved our manufacturing process. For ecological reasons, we have chosen to stop producing crystal glasses, but we have kept the same high quality standards.

This allows us to offer you glassware that has the brilliance of crystal, but without its fragility. Our glasses are dishwasher safe and remain as clear as on the first day, wash after wash.


5. Flowers in all their forms

Flowers symbolise love for the person they are intended for. That’s why they’re a must for any Valentine’s Day table decoration.


You can opt, for example, for the traditional floral arrangement placed in the middle of the table. For a more baroque look, you can even add some fruit to the table (berries, raspberries, strawberries). The romantic effect is guaranteed.


For the choice of flowers, roses are of course the most obvious choice, but you can also turn to more original flowers or those that are more in keeping with the colour palette you have chosen.


Finally, don’t hesitate to scatter flower petals all over the table or to create a table runner with them. Dried flowers and flower garlands are also very interesting for your overall decoration.


6. DIY goodies

A Valentine’s Day meal is not just about the food. You can also add some sweet treats to the table. Red fruit around the tableware, colourful, tangy sweets on the table runner, small chocolates or quality cheese. The trick is to make sure that these little pieces of food stand out. We recommend pretty pots with ribbons, for example.


7. The last romantic touches

To complete your romantic decor, let your personality, creativity and passion speak for themselves in small ways. There are many ways to do this. You can play your loved one’s favourite music in the background. You can also add string lights above the table to illuminate your love.


Or, for a more festive atmosphere, add some confetti in the shape of a heart, or why not balloons? Anything that can create the most original and unique decoration is welcome.


Conclusion: let your creativity speak for itself when decorating your Valentine’s Day table

Of course, you don’t have to follow all of our tips to the letter. Let your creativity and personality shine through in your decorations. Don’t be afraid to do too much or too little. In the first case, you will have a beautiful and passionate baroque decoration. In the second case, your table will be elegant and classic. Just make sure you keep the colours harmonious and choose quality linen, crockery and glasses. This way you are sure to create the perfect romantic table setting.


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