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Vase decoration ideas: what solutions to adopt?

Vases come in a variety of shapes and materials and are a valuable accessory for brightening up a space. If flowers remain the reference ornament to dress them up, other more singular choices are possible. Our vase decoration ideas can help you find the right formula.

1. The possibilities of glass vase decoration


The vase is an essential element of decoration in a house or a flat and has many advantages to embellish a room. The first idea to use it wisely is to place a beautiful bouquet of flowers, roses or orchids in it. However, there are more varied and durable possibilities for enhancing your vases and tastefully decorating your home.


In any case, the glass vase is an item of great interest to set up a decoration reflecting your personality. Models of different sizes, shapes and finishes can be easily found for this purpose. The glass vase is a real design accessory and has the advantage of being able to blend in with all styles of interior decoration. Whether you prefer to go for a traditional look or follow the latest trends, you’ll have no trouble finding the right vase to match your inspiration.


To enjoy the transparency and brilliance of a glass vase, you can choose a minimalist ornament to put inside. Decorative twigs have come back into fashion in recent years, with the option of placing some dried flowers or pampas grass in the vase of your choice.


Cherry or willow branches are also a good idea, or the traditional fir branch in the run-up to Christmas. A large vase can also be placed on the ground with twigs and long-stemmed flowers. It will attract attention and can be turned into a lantern at any time by placing a block candle in it.

2. Decorate a room with a tall vase


With its bold and sometimes atypical lines, a tall transparent vase is a beautiful decorative object in a bedroom, living room or living area. To house flowers, simple stems or even more surprising elements such as an assortment of stones, a tall vase is an element not to be neglected to bring light and an aesthetic touch. Placed on the ground, it is an eye-catcher in an entrance hall or on a terrace.


A large vase with an XXL candle is an excellent choice for creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere in a room. In summer, a container of fresh flowers on a piece of furniture or in the centre of a table will bring colour and life to a room.


Farmer chic is a trendy style that favours large designer vases with armfuls of wild flowers. You’ll have no trouble finding beautiful decorative elements for this, to be enriched with flowers and plants that you’ll have the opportunity to pick near your home.


3. What to put in a vase besides flowers?


Do you want to be original? As there are more than just flowers in life, there are many choices of glass vase decoration available.


Vases decorated with sand are very interesting to create a warm atmosphere. You can choose decorative sand, fine beach sand or coarse forest sand, alternating layers and brightening up the top with some shells.


Other decorative ideas are possible depending on the season. In spring, fruit and berries can fill a vase. In autumn, pine cones and chestnuts will take over. For original ornaments, why not turn to string lights, coffee beans or sweets?


For an original, chic and vintage gift, you can harmoniously decorate a vase with Christmas ornaments and ribbons and give it as a gift during the festive season.

4. The advantages of elegant vase decoration


Vases designed by Cristal d’Arques Paris are a great choice for refined decoration with a focus on light. Models made of 100% glass are available.


By placing them near a window, you will be able to enjoy the changing glow of natural light as the hours go by. If you are entertaining guests, in your living room for example, the visual effect obtained in this way is sure to surprise and charm them.


There are several models to discover, all made of high quality ultra-transparent glass. The vases in the Lady Diamond, Rendez-Vous, Macassar and Architect collections stand out for the sculptural beauty of their lines and their universal character. They are designed to withstand hundreds of dishwasher cycles without losing their brilliance.


Their standard size of 27 cm is perfect for flower arrangements, long-stemmed flowers or dried flowers. Your design vase will also hold a plant or vegetation, you can create surprising arrangements, on a maritime theme or around Christmas decorations.

More than a simple container, a decorative vase is an aesthetic asset in a room that is worth a look in itself.