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Learn how to hold a glass of wine in any situation

Knowing how to hold a glass of wine is often a source of stress for users. The fear of being “ridiculous” often takes over. However, the correct way to hold a glass between your fingers is usually based more on practicality than on elegance.


How do you hold a stemmed glass at night?


It’s the scary thing for people who aren’t used to drinking in the evening: the stemmed glass. Often high and impressive, this model with a base is intimidating. However, it is easy to tame. A stemmed glass is held… by the stem! This choice is not at all the result of a desire to appear chic during wine tastings. By holding your wine glass by the bottom, you avoid leaving fingerprints on the container, and you also avoid heating the beverage with the palm of your hand. It should be noted that professional wine tasters generally pick up the wine by the foot itself. Whether you hold it by the base or by the stem, the main thing is not to let the heat get into the liquid.


How to hold a glass of water with simplicity?


Water, unlike wine, does not fear the temperature variations caused by the contact of the palm against the glass. So, if the glasses are of the “goblet” type, don’t hesitate to grasp one with a full hand, from the index finger to the little finger and the middle finger, with the thumb of course as a reinforcement on the other side. There is no need to lift a finger to display a distinguished attitude. This practice, inherited from the Middle Ages, was originally a way for our ancestors not to spill spices everywhere (spices measured out at that time via the little finger). If the water glass is stemmed, the same struggle as for the wine glass, the container is grasped by the stem, its interest is there.


How do you hold a glass of beer with friends?


Beer, its smell, its aromas, are all synonymous with conviviality. The question of how best to hold a glass of beer is seldom asked during a beer tasting. But even here, a few tips can be useful. Beer glasses are very often stemmed, which means that you hold the stem in the same way as you would for a wine glass, between your thumb and forefinger, with your middle finger as a support to stabilise the whole. However, many beer glasses have a very short stem. In this case, for greater comfort, the little finger should be placed under the base. If the glass is a mug, the thumb is placed on the top of the handle and the other four fingers are placed around the entire height of the glass. Another precaution to take with beer: avoid plunging your nose deep into the container or you will come out with a face full of foam!


At a festive event, how do you hold a glass of champagne?


Amongst guests, drinking a glass of Champagne wine always has that special something. But this uniqueness can be a source of anxiety for guests who don’t know each other very well. How can you be sure that you are doing the right thing with your glass? Here again, the use of a champagne glass is the childhood of art. With a flute, you grab the stem or the base, as seen previously for a wine glass. With the glass, beware! As with beer glasses, the stem is quite short, so you can slip your ring finger under the stem for comfort. As with classic wine, it is not the fit of the glass that counts, but that the fit does not impair the qualities of the alcohol.


How to take a glass of whisky


Like beer, whisky is generally less of a problem for drinkers. On the other hand, it is also a warm and less intimidating drink. If you still want to drink your whisky like a real expert, you should use a tulip glass, with the stem caught between your middle and ring fingers, palm upwards. A chic, late-night atmosphere is guaranteed. The round American glass is taken with the full hand, in the same way as the domed Japanese glass. To exude taste and flavour, the largest possible containers are preferred.


Before drinking… How to fill a wine glass?


Knowing how to serve a glass of wine is not so much a question of image as it is of pleasure. For many people, drinking a glass of wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures. This ritual, which sometimes borders on the sacred – don’t we talk about a chalice when we pour wine into it during a religious ceremony? It will be all the more appreciated if it is carried out according to the rules of the art. So, to delight your guests and serve them like a true sommelier, a few rules are necessary. Serve at the right temperature, show the labels to your guests, possibly have them taste one of the wines before serving the others. Finally, only fill a glass halfway. This allows the wine to be oxygenated, thus strengthening its aroma and taste. Basically, not overfilling a glass allows guests to drink in a clean manner.


Before raising a glass of any beverage to your lips, there is no need to rack your brains or surround yourself with an armada of knowledgeable servants. There are many articles and photos on these subjects, but the most important thing is to always keep in mind practicality and the pleasure of drinking. The advice given here is aimed at these objectives, so that every moment spent drinking a glass remains a moment of sharing and happiness devoted to appreciation.